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Culture / Music : Hummer's house

The ambience

The extensively redecorated timbered house is nearly 130 years old.
A wooden staircase leads the visitors towards the attic.
The sloping ceilings are wood panelled.
Underneath them you can find the 80 leathered seats donated by an old crony.
Everybody looks to the more than 110 years old Blüthner grand piano donated by an English friend.
Candleholders are lined up around the small stage which is illuminated by controllable halogen bulb lamps.
The solid timber floor boards are here and there protected by heavy carpets.
Surely an exeptional place for a concert, but a fortiori the performances are individual.

At a first glance, this cultural site looks like an altar.
That's what the concertgoer must feel as the room slowly gets full and the musicians start to tune their instruments.
Harrumumphing and pawing ceases, nobody dares to breathe.

Up to 90 visitors had Mr. Hummer already housed in here:
"It's not good if somebody has no seat. There are surely some concerts were this fits, but I want my guests to feel comfortable."

Before 1992, the attic didn't exit. It was fallen in like many other parts of the house. The villagers thought Mr. Hummer must be crazy, tearing the house down would be much cheaper. At that time only one room of the 400m² house on the 1.000m² estate was barely habitable. Nowadays, the Hummers proudly present their entire house to every visitor.

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